6 Interesting Facts About ICD Tughlakabad Port

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The economy of a country depends on the transportation infrastructure, which includes decent connectivity with rail, road, air and the most important one is maritime trade infrastructure. The trading mechanism of the world has changed post globalisation. Although maritime trade and logistics support the overall trade network among the different nations, it is also essential to improve the inland trade infrastructure. However, it is not necessary that every economically vibrant city may have a location near the seaports. 

The emergence of containerization of freight has changed the trends of global trade. A well-established inland container depot (ICD) also known as dry port strengthens the trade facilities. The transport channel between ICD to the near seaports helps in maintaining the proper channel of connectivity. ICD enables the transfer and storage of goods from the hinterland to major ports for import or export. The movement of containers inland facilitated by the Container Corporation of India (CONCOR). One such important ICD in the centre of India’s capital New Delhi is ICD Tughlakabad. It caters to the requirements of importers and exporters primarily based in Northern India.

Some Interesting Facts Of ICD Tughlakabad

Dry port or ICD acts as a trade centre in a landlocked country or city. One such promising dry port is ICD Tughlakabad, situated in the heart of Northern India. It is India’s biggest dry port. Let’s know some more interesting facts about ICD Tughlakabad port:

  • It is one of the oldest and advanced dry ports, commissioned in 1993. Located near the south-east of New Delhi, this port is considered as the pioneer in the advancement of containerisation in the nation. It is the flagship terminal of Container Corporation of India. The safety and security of the port are under the control of the impressive CISF (Central Industrial Security Force).
  • It is connected with 4 full-length railway lines, handling the export and import bound containers. Routinely container services to various hinterland ICDs. Connected with gateway ports of Mumbai and nearby through railways. Being located near National Highways 2, adjoining the connectivity to the port of Kandla and Haldia via roads.
  • The premise of ICD Tughlakabad comprises an administrative building of approx 8,000 square meters, along with central offices of CONCOR, banks, canteen, customs, transporters, business & surveyors centre, etc. Its export warehouse is expanded in the area of 10,000 square meters, whereas the import warehouse has a proximity of 6000 square meters. The open stack comprises over 12000 loaded and 2000 empty TEUs. 
  • It has 2 Rail-Mounted Gantry cranes (RMG) and 9 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG), also 21 reach stackers along with 50 trailers for shifting. Around 3,500 square meters for LCL cargo. The parking area is approx 66,000 square meters with more than 750 trailers.
  • Its customs department is responsible for messaging and e-commerce with all the stakeholders for 122 customs areas covering the almost entire country. This handles over 2,000 containers in a day.
  • It provides multimodal transport infrastructure and logistics to support export-import trade. It is engaged in daily services with the world’s major ports. Being technology advanced ICD, it comprises Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facility between CONCOR mad custom departments. Special customer assistance and EXIM cell for seamless transfer of services and information.

Interestingly, with the development of ICD, multiple industry players are opting for these facilities to expand the business. The primary advantage of ICD Tughlakabad is that it is situated in the heart of the economic centre. Recently, various innovative steps were taken by the management to enhance and increase the Exim business with help of CONCOR. It will help immensely in the process of making India an economic superpower.