Filing your tax return electronically: save time

The tax can be conveniently processed. The tax platform is the abbreviation for “electronic tax return”. With this offer, the tax forms can be filled out on the PC, so all parties have less work.

The tax office receives the completed forms from the tax platform. This is a great advantage for citizens, because they no longer have to print out the tax return forms, fill them out by hand and send them to the tax office. Instead, at the end of processing, a summary must be printed out and sent. A few steps are also relieved of the tax office and the clerks do not have to digitize each information individually.

The processing time can be reduced and the citizen receives his tax refund earlier than before the introduction of the tax platform. The sources of error have also been reduced. With the online tax services this is important.

Income tax return or income tax return?

A tax return are in the tax law does not , but the two terms are often used interchangeably used.

What deadlines must be paid attention to?

Anyone who makes the tax return voluntarily has up to four years. Anyone have a tax return give the tax office needs, has until the end of July of the following year period. (The tax return for 2016 must be submitted by May 31, 2017.) However, an extension of the deadline to September 30 can be applied for without any problems. This request should be justified, but a statement that not all of the documents for the tax return are available is sufficient.

  • Anyone who uses the help of a tax advisor or the income tax assistance association for their tax return has until February of the year after next. Here, too, there is an extension of two months.
  • Anyone who wants to submit their private tax return voluntarily has four years to do so. The income tax return for 2012 can therefore be submitted by the end of the year. If you receive the tax assessment, you have one month to file an objection.
  • If you have almost sweated by the four-year deadline and this is about to begin, we have a tip for you: Submit an incomplete tax return. To do this, fill out the appropriate cover sheet and enclose Appendix N (gross wages and withheld wage tax), you can then submit the rest later.

However, once the deadline has passed, there is no longer any possibility of filing the tax return. In such a case, there is no reinstatement in the previous state.