Silkroad On-line Guardian Technique

The Guardian System is a technique for existing large level gamers and new or low level players. The substantial amount participant is guardian and the reduced amount player is apprentice. Underneath the Guardian Method, the Guardian can go on their gaming experiences to the Apprentice, so the newcomers can get a superior insight of the activity. In this system, the guardian and the apprentice are all can get several benefits.

If you want to be the Guardian, you should be amount 60 or better, so that you can set up an academy, in addition, 100,000 gold is essential to create an academy..Guardian are unable to create more than 1 academy and highest of 5 apprentices (below degree 39) and 2 guardian assistants (involving amount 40~59) can be registered for every 1 academy.

And if you are a new participant or a reduced stage participant, you can register the Academy for the numerous advantages underneath the Guardian Program. Academy registration can be carried out by employing academy UI (hotkey L) or Guardian Matching Technique and ought to have to have guardian’s arrangement who set up the academy to sign up.

As an award for the apprentice’s graduation, guardian can recive evaluation points. When the Honor points is plenty of, guardian can use this Honor Points to acquire honor items: Seal of Sunlight, Seal of Moon, Seal of Star, and other devices, and also can barter the honor details for other profit phrases.

Apprentices underneath a guardian can cumulate added expertise ratio through looking, and they can share the cumulated experience ration underneath a buff form. As a result of the shared buff, apprentices and guardian can receive added experience details when searching.

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