The Psychology Driving the Cougar Dating Phenomenon

There are evident thoughts and usual myths surrounding the more mature woman/younger person dating phenomenon. In this article is a partial record:

Q: Is just not this just about sexual intercourse? And don’t Cougars just want a younger person for fun and game titles?

No! Many folks believe of Stiffler’s mother in American Pie or Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate and think that Cougars are growing older, determined women willing to bounce on any young person with a pulse. There is so significantly additional to this courting dynamic than individuals notice. It is not just about sex, and indeed I know several May/December couples who are quite fortunately married. Cougar females are in fact significantly more selective about their young gentleman and this suggests that the youthful males have to have much more to convey to the celebration than just a raging libido. The more youthful males are driving this pattern. There are a lot more younger men on the lookout for older women than there are more mature girls hunting for more youthful males. So, it is ladies’ alternative.

Q: Is Cougar dating here to continue to be?

Sure. It has always existed and is really well-liked in Europe. In the United States, 30% of more mature ladies date younger men. The BBC say that 25% of more mature women are married to younger gentlemen. From a physiological standpoint, it makes perception that an more mature female would desire a younger male. From a psychological imprinting point of view, I have interviewed hundreds of guys who have precise defining moments in their lives when they understood they were captivated to more mature ladies and chosen them about women their own age.

Q: Why will not these more youthful men go immediately after gals their own age?

The younger men explain to me that ladies their age are unexciting, manipulative, recreation participating in, self centered, and shallow. They are captivated to the depth, maturity and spirit of the more mature woman.

Q: What happens when the guys reach age 35 and their Cougar is 50 or 60 or older? Never the youthful gentlemen go away?

20 yrs of psychological research precise to psychosexual imprinting focuses on how more youthful guys are imprinted to the more mature lady. An imprint is a really impressive psychological phenomenon that is a life time bond. Their little one sitter, faculty teacher, mom’s most effective mate, actresses and other older girls brought about an imprint development that promptly bonded them to an attraction towards older women. Even as these guys get older them selves, they go on to seek out out women of all ages more mature than them selves. For that cause, gentlemen in their 40’s and more mature take into consideration on their own Cubs and refuse to day gals their age or more youthful. This clarifies why a person in his late 30’s can marry a lady 20 several years his senior and when one once more, drive to seek out, day and marry yet another more mature girl. Not all Cubs are males in their 20’s, and as I often say to my customers: ‘There is a lid for just about every pot.’

Q: So, there is much more to this Cougar courting development than what the standard community is aware of?

The media and pop tradition ‘experts’ have jumped on a bandwagon they genuinely know really very little about this dynamic. They want to narrowly determine this demographic of people and capitalize and sensationalize it for financial gain, notoriety and to offer their “self printed” publications. The folks I have interviewed who have lots of yrs of residing this lifestyle item to this bias by non credentialed people today who provide a superficial overview of their usually really intricate lives. I do my finest to established the file straight.

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