What is the current state worth and the future of cryptocurrency?

What is the future of cryptocurrency? - Quora

Cryptocurrency is one of the major inventions that came up within the first 10 years of the twenty-first century. Even though by the tenth year, which was the year 2010, many of us did not appreciate cryptocurrency, another 10 years later, we are all regretting why we took cryptocurrency for granted then. Cryptocurrency worth as little as 10 USD in 2010 is worth at least 2,000,000 USD in the year 2020. It would be difficult to find any other investment that could be started with such a little amount and has grown that high within 10 years.

Many people have always being held back even as cryptocurrencies continued to gain prominence as each time they check and observe an increase in the worth of cryptocurrencies, they are scared that might be the highest it would ever increase. Hence, you might have continued to notice the increase in worth and want to know what the worth of cryptocurrencies is today as well as the future of the currency.

Today, cryptocurrency, majorly the Bitcoin, is worth slightly less than 20,000 USD even though it fluctuates. Hence, as of today, Bitcoin is worth a lot. There is also the fact that there are many other cryptocurrencies that are gaining prominence and their values are significantly lower than the current price of Bitcoin. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you can read finance companies reviews on US-Reviews to know which company to register with and those to buy from.

However, for people who have cryptocurrency or want to invest in cryptocurrency, their major concern will be if investing in cryptocurrency today is worth it and the future of cryptocurrency. From every indication, investing in cryptocurrencies today is still expected to be worth it. This is considering that it is a concept that is still in its development stage. This implies that the currency has not gotten to its peak. It is until the peak is achieved that the rate at which the worth of cryptocurrencies increase will reduce significantly. Until then, the sharp price increase is expected to continue.

You might be asking how we can be sure that cryptocurrencies are yet to achieve their peak. The major evidence is the fact that companies are just beginning to accept the currency. Currently, only very few companies allow people to use cryptocurrency on their platform. The few companies must have done their homework and believe that the currency is valuable and here to stay. It would be only a matter of time before other companies also make the same conclusions and accept that the currency is here to stay and safe enough. As more companies will start to accept cryptocurrency, more people will start to buy and sell the currency, demand will increase and so will the value of cryptocurrency.

Another reason why it could be deduced that cryptocurrency is yet to reach its peak is that there are chances that companies will begin to recognize cryptocurrency in the future. Once this happens, there is going to be a huge leap in the worth of cryptocurrencies. With such sharp increases, those who have cryptocurrency during that period will see the worth of the currency increase. Selling the currency and converting it to money will also be easy.

Hence, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency today, it is a great idea that is expected to pay off. This is more so if you are willing to keep the investment for the next 5 years or more. It is believed that within the next decade, the value of cryptocurrencies will increase by at least 20,000 times. The fact that it increased within over 200,000 times within its first decade does not make that assertion to look far-fetched.

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